Friday Follow For Follow Blog Share

As bloggers, we are always looking for engagement and inspiration. And one thing I’ve learned is that we’re all a pretty supportive bunch and want the best for everyone. 

So I’ve decided to run a little Follow For Follow Blog Share Day here on The Mums Life Diaries where we can all discover and support new and upcoming blogs from every niche & category. 

The idea is to share and follow other blogs and in-turn, they follow you back. For example: You follow my blog, I’ll follow yours back. You share my blog, I’ll share yours. You follow me on Bloglovin, I’ll follow you on Bloglovin etc. 

So Here’s what to do. 

1. Follow My Blog (you’ll find the button on your screen if you’re on a mobile) 

2. Leave a link to your blog in the comments on this post so I (and others) can follow you back

3. Head over to my Facebook Page, give it a like (and a share if you feel upto it) and add links to ALL of your social media accounts in the comments section of the pinned post. 

4. I’ll follow all of your links if you follow back too! 

5. If you see other blogs you might like, give them a follow. 

Simples. You can also use the hashtag #BlogShareFriday on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so we can all connect. Use this hashtag to share blog posts, social media accounts anything you like. 

But please, NO

  • Spam
  • porn
  • offensive or
  • abusive content

Good luck everyone! I can’t wait to read all of your amazing blogs. Hayley-Jayne Xx

Please feel free to leave me comments in the box below – I love to hear from my readers and I always respond – you can also join me on my other networks Bloglovin’ | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Tumblr | Google+ | Christmas Facebook | for general mum and blog chat, Hayley-Jayne


15 thoughts on “Friday Follow For Follow Blog Share

Add yours

  1. Hi!! I am new around here! My name is Eli and I have recently open a blog! Congratulations for yours! I read your posts and I really like them!!!
    Please visit my blog on:

    Have a lovely day!!

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  2. Hey – this is a good idea! Mine is – I write about parenting, autism, my home, mental health and random days out 😆 a bit of a mix!
    Love your blog btw X

    Liked by 1 person

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